AB 985 – Assembly Natural Resources Committee

Central Valley Air Pollution Credit Reform

AB 985 would have brought much-needed transparency to the San Joaquin Valley Air District with a long-overdue review of their Emissions Reduction Credit system. AB 985 would have directed the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to review the broken pollution credit system that has led to increased pollution in the region, resulting in the San Joaquin Valley continuing to have some of the worst air quality in the nation. By requiring the state air board to review this defunct program, we would have taken the first needed step in reforms that will lead to true pollution reduction for communities who need it most.

Author: Joaquin Arambula

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Issues: Eliminating Toxins and Pollution

Not signed into Law


Passed the Senate, but failed to pass the Assembly Concurrence Vote


45 Yes
21 No
14 Abstain


28 Yes
8 No
4 Abstain



AB 985 – Assembly Natural Resources Committee VotesVote Date: 4/24/23